Getting Help

User Guide

The official Weekaz User Guide can be found at to this web page to obtain the full detailed description of Weekaz features and usage.

Quick Help in Slack

A very basic info on Weekaz concepts can be obtained directly in Slack. Use either /weekaz help slash command or help direct message to get this info as a direct message from Weekaz app (see Secondary Entry Points page for more information on slash commands and direct messages).   The message will also offer a few links for the user to get more detailed information.

Contacting Support

At various places within the Weekaz app you can find Contact Support button.

In case an error occurs Weekaz will send you a direct message with this button. You can also locate it on the Weekaz Home Tab.

fig. 1

 Another option is to use one of the following slash commands:

  • /weekaz help
  • /weekaz feedback

The Contact Support button opens a contact form where you can describe a bug, send us a feedback, ask a question or request a new feature to be added to Weekaz.


To open the contact form directly without locating the Contact Support button use the /weekaz support slash command.

See Secondary Entry Points page for more information on slash commands.