Logging Activites

You can only log activities into the timesheets if you have been assigned the User role. Being the Owner or Manager is not enough for you to be able to log the activity. Please refer to the Timesheet page to learn the details on:

  • what are the user roles and their privileges in Weekaz
  • how to add or remove the Users to/from the given timesheet

You can access the Log Activity dialog from multiple locations:

  • Use the Log Activity button on the App Home Tab (see App Home for more information).
  • Use the Log Activity button in the Timesheet Detail View (see Timesheet for more information on the Timesheet Detail View).
  • Use the slash command /weekaz log (see Secondary Entry Points for more info on Weekaz slash commands).
  • Use the Slack shortcut Log activity (see Secondary Entry Points for more info on Slack shortcuts).

When the Log Activity dialog is open using the Log Activity button, Weekaz already knows what timesheet you want to log the activity to.

When it is open using the slash command or Slack shortcut you will need to select the correct timesheet from the dropdown menu. This dropdown is displayed at the top of the Log Activity dialog.

See the Favorite Timesheet page to get more details on this dropdown menu.

fig. 1

Log Activity Dialog

The Log Activity dialog will always contain the Date and Activity Duration fields, which are mandatory for all timesheets in Weekaz.

If the timesheet has any custom fields, those will be listed below the Activity Duration field.

Activity Duration is measured either in hours or man-days. This was decided by the timesheet owner at the time of timesheet creation and cannot be changed.


Custom fields can be optional or mandatory and can either store any text value or one of the predefined values. (see Timesheet for more details on creating and editing the custom fields).

fig. 2

Using Stopwatch

If Stopwatch is running the Log Activity dialog will be slightly changed. The Date and Activity Duration fields will be replaced with a section that allows you to fill in the date and duration automatically using the Stopwatch (see the Stopwatch page for a detailed description of this feature).