Stopwatch is a small feature that makes your life a little bit easier. You can start the stopwatch whenever you start working on a project or task. When you are done and want to log the activity you don’t need to remember or calculate the duration. Weekaz will use the running stopwatch to fill in this for you.

Starting Stopwatch

To start Stopwatch go to Weekaz Home tab and click Start Stopwatch button.

The second option is to use Slash command or Slack shortcut.


You don’t need to worry about your Time Unit. Stopwatch only remembers the start date and time. The correct time unit (man-day or hour) is decided and duration calculated when you are logging the activity into the timesheet.

fig. 1

Clearing Stopwatch

Running Stopwatch can be stopped (cleared) using the same button that was used to start it in the first place.


Before the Stopwatch is cleared, Weekaz displays a warning stating for how long is the Stopwatch running and asks you to confirm you really want to stop it.

fig. 2

Restarting Stopwatch

Naturally, restarting the running Stopwatch is easily achievable by stopping (clearing) it and then starting again.


You can also use Slack shortcut for this. When the Stopwatch is running and the user uses “Start stopwatch” shortcut, the modal window is opened (see fig. 3) displaying the info about the stopwatch start time. The user can restart the Stopwatch from this modal window.


fig. 3

Using Stopwatch

The use of Stopwatch is simple. Whenever you are logging an activity (see Logging Activities) the logging dialog will be extended with the new section (see fig. 5 and fig. 6).


This section shows the start time of the Stopwatch and calculates the duration respective to the time unit of the chosen Timesheet (notice the difference between hours and man-days in fig. 5 and fig. 6).


The filled in date will be the same as the Stopwatch start date. You can always select “Input manually” to ignore the Stopwatch completely and log both the date and the duration manually.

fig. 5
fig. 6

Long Running Stopwatch

Weekaz is checking the running stopwatches regularly. In case you keep the stopwatch up for more than 8 hours, Weekaz will send you a notification message to ensure you wish to continue measuring the time (see fig. 7).

You can also log the activity or clear the stopwatch directly from this message.


If you keep the stopwatch running for more than 24hours, Weekaz considers this stopwatch being abandoned and will clear it automatically (see fig. 8).


Note that these two messages are so-called Ephemeral messages, which means the delivery is not guaranteed by Slack.  The user must be currently active in Slack to get the message. Also by nature, ephemeral messages do not persist across reloads, desktop and mobile apps, or sessions.

fig. 7
fig. 8