Favorite Timesheet

If you have two or more Timesheets you are contributing to, you can tag one of them as a Favorite Timesheet. This is useful when you are using Slash commands or Slack shortcuts to log your activities. 


The Log Activity dialog initiated by the slash command or the shortcut will automatically fill in your favorite timesheet, so you can log the activities into this timesheet a little bit easier.

In fig. 1 a timesheet named The Handover Project was pre-selected as it is a favorite timesheet. You can still select a different timesheet and log this activity into that one, though.

fig. 1

Selecting Favorite Timesheet

If you are selecting your favorite Timesheet for the first time you can use Select Favorite Timesheet button at the top of the Weekaz Home tab (see fig. 2)

fig. 2

If the button is not present you already have a favorite Timesheet.

To select a different one as your favorite, navigate to the list of the timesheets on your Home tab and use the overflow menu button to select a new favorite timesheet (see fig. 3).

fig. 3